Church of the Ailing Flower

Nuns at the isolated church used to come into town once per week, trading embroidery for goods. They haven't been seen in months. Merchants say that the gardens are overgrown and that the sisters are sickly. More recent visitors have failed to return.

Key - Creatures




Overturned merchant's cart near the gates, choked with vines, skeletal remains mixed among the flowers. Bags of seeds have sprouted, barrels of cider left untouched.

1 Entrance

Main doors always partly open. Thick red carpet with woven gold-leaf images of intertwining flowers. Statues of saintly figures. Vines grow through cracks in the floor, twining around the statues, they are heavy with white flowers. Scent of the flowers is strong and faintly intoxicating.
If more than 10 minutes are spent here save or fall asleep.

2 Chapel

Midnight to 2AM, all 21 of the nuns are in the pews in worshipful poses. The Ailing Flower Demon walks among them, caressing their heads, & then, intimately, breathes spores into their mouths. They pay little attention. Disturbances will be put down as violently and swiftly as possible so that the ritual can be resumed.
Afternoon, d4 nuns are here praying.

3 Halls

Afternoon, d4-1 nuns walking in the hall, speaking in low voices.

4 Rooms

2 beds each. From early morning to noon the nuns will be sleeping in here.
Outer rooms have windows facing outward.
    Items in a particular room -
  1. d20 silver pieces in a small pouch
  2. Clean black habit
  3. Wooden holy symbol wrapped in black cloth
  4. Packet of candles
  5. Mouldering scraps of bread
  6. Packet of seeds

5 Overgrown Room

Southern window is broken & thick vines grow through, filling the room with white flowers showering the room in pollen.
If more than 10 minutes are spent here save or fall asleep.

6 Mother Superior's Room

Morning to noon, the Mother Superior will be sleeping here.
Only one key which she carries in her habit at all times.

Filled with flowerpots, but the plants have grown out of their vessels & the room is now thick with dark flowers. Buried in the plants at the northern edge of the room is a small stone statue of a wilted flower - this is the Icon of the Ailing Flower.
Icon of the Ailing Flower. On sight, save or feel an immense urge to possess it, due to a percieved sense of unearthly beauty. Owner is compelled to nurture & collect plants, never to trim them. The white-flower vines will begin to flourish in their presence. The Ailing Flower Demon will arrive within 2d6 + 4 days.
If more than 10 minutes are spent here save or fall asleep.

7 Refectory

Slightly dusty. The sisters do not eat anymore.

8 North Hall

Afternoon, 25% chance that 1-2 nuns are passing by, their eyes downcast.

9 Kitchens

Completely overgrown with white flowers & vines, the east door is open & the carpet of flowers spill out to overtake the garden. Afternoon, the Mother Superior will be here, lying amidst the plants and whispering to herself in the language of the Abyss.
If more than 10 minutes are spent here save or fall asleep.

10 Lair of the Ailing Flower Demon

Doors are locked. The Mother Superior has the only key.
Broken crates of potatoes & spilled barrels of wine - signs this was once a storehouse. Pool of still water, 5' deep, laden with lilies. By day the Ailing Flower Demon sleeps here beneath the lilies. By night it pollinates the sisters from midnight to 2AM.

11 Exterior

Crops have spoiled, garden is full of weeds, garden-shed is dusty and equipment has begun to rust.
By night after 2AM, the Ailing Flower Demon stands out here watching the moon, flowers growing and then wilting beneath its feet.



Nuns, Mother Superior

Dirty & tattered habits. Lichen grows behind their ears. Their eyes & skin have a pale greenish sheen.
They have no memories & are essentially zombies. They will answer questions with fragments of liturgy, by insisting that they have to tend to the gardens or wash the walls, but will then continue to wander about in a daze.
HD 1; ML 12
ATK bite d6 + pollination
DEF as leather; immune to mental effects, sleep
Pollination. Begin to look greenish. While affected, immune to the sleep-effect of the white flowers. Every 24 hours, save or take d4 damage to Intelligence. Save cures; if Int reaches zero, become brain-dead zombie like the Sisters.

The Ailing Flower Demon

Half-again as tall as a man. Human-esque figure in a tattered black garment, similar to a priests'. Head is a blooming red flower.
HD 10; ML 9
ATK pollination (as Nun ability) or by spell
DEF as chain; immune to mental effects, sleep, poison, any plant-based magic
Green Teleport. It can teleport from any area touched by plant-life to any other within 120'.
Regeneration. Resting in its pool (room 10) heals 1 hp/round. It will retreat there if injured.